Publication Mailing Services

Your Distribution Partner

Hours of editorial work, writing and planning go into building your publication – whether it's a magazine, flyer or annual report – and now it’s ready to ship to an eager audience. What you need is a reliable partner to help build and distribute your work to subscribers in the city or around the world. It comes down to getting it done right, and on time; that’s the service promise we make to publishing customers.

Coming from a printing and binding background, we have the infrastructure and industry-leading processes in place to ensure a first-in-class finish that meets your timelines. Over 20 years of experience, the best equipment and dedicated staff mean we can tackle projects that span millions of pieces. Wrapping, assembling, organizing and shipping; we are a one-stop shop for publication distribution in Edmonton.

Our customers are looking for certainty, and we have a reputation of creating honest, straightforward working relationships that build confidence. That’s why we continue to serve long-term customers who rely on us to get their publications built and distributed on time.

Our mailing services for publications include:

  • Domestic or international mailing
  • Parcels, letters and publications
  • Assembly of multi-component packages

High-Capacity Facility

There could be hundreds of pages that need to be assembled for thousands of copies; that’s the nature of a publication. Our Edmonton facility houses immense machinery and experienced operators to produce and assemble massive quantities of work quickly. This means we can balance a high workload and challenging projects while keeping to strict delivery dates.

Guaranteed Timing

Publications are a time sensitive business. People have an expectation for their subscriptions, and we guarantee the timelines we commit to. Whether it’s going to a handful of people or millions, we will coordinate all production and delivery timelines to meet your distribution schedule.

Pick and Pack

Thinking of putting a little extra in with your publication? We will assemble and wrap promotional packages that includes items like magnets, shirts, flags or any other products that add a bit more excitement to your print. Just have all the items dropped off, and we will coordinate all components and make sure it ships.