Commercial Mailing Services

The Enduring Power of Mail Campaigns

Just like the feel of a good book, a well-packaged piece of mail will always deliver a great experience. The excitement of an attractive offer or information means mail will always be welcomed. That’s why so many companies continue to do mail outs to complement their advertising and marketing programs. Unlike bulk, generic emails and newsletters that get quickly tossed aside as spam, a stand-out letter or promotion targetted to a defined audience will get noticed; remaining in the home or office for repeat impressions. It could be a small promotion focussed on a single neighbourhood, or it could be hundreds of thousands of pieces going country- or world-wide in a large marketing campaign. Bindery Overload has the team and equipment to achieve the results your business needs.

We work with hundreds of companies who need to get their message in front of their audience in a creative way. Whether you’re sending addressed or unaddressed mail, we work with you to develop, package and distribute your product on time for your event, special or seasonal promotion.

Our commercial mailing services include:

  • Addressed or unaddressed
  • Domestic or international
  • Parcels, letters and publications
  • Assembly of multi-component packages

Demographic Identification

If you’re investing in a bold new mail promotion, you want to ensure you get the highest return on your investment. To be certain your mail gets in the right person’s hands, we use demographic information to match regions to your target audience.

Using the right mix of personal details like age or family size, we can help you get the most from your print investment. We will assist you in defining your target market, plan routes and a delivery schedule to time your advertising with your business promotion.

We use Canada Post approved address validation and correction software

Pick and Pack

Looking to add a little swag to your mail-out? To get noticed, companies are putting magnets, buttons, shirts, flags and many other items in with their packages. Not only does this increase your ability to be noticed and retain your audience's attention, you're more likely to generate word of mouth. Customer-to-customer endorsements have been proven to be more effective than mere push advertising at increasing the reach of messaging.

We sort and build any type of promotional package, adding the right materials and distributing them to your mailing lists. This includes folding, wrapping, labelling, collating, gluing or any other services to make sure your product goes out professionally packaged and secure.

Our Process

The well-defined process we use is a result of years working in print and mail distribution. We know what constitutes legal mail, where you can save money on Canada Post shipping, and we understand how important timelines are to your business. Working with Bindery Overload is partnering with an experienced team committed to your success.

Discover · We listen and ask questions about your business, the promotion's details and timelines

Design · We coordinate development of your promotion

Create · Printing is performed, collected and packaged for distribution

Map · Destinations are collected and coordinated with Canada Post

Ship · All materials are documented and shipped on time