Direct Mail Advertising

Target Your Customers with Undeniable Messages

Addressed or Unaddressed Mail

We pride ourselves on getting our clients the best rates for both addressed mail and unaddressed mail. We work closely with Canada Post and have the advantage of receiving their best rates because of the volume of mail we send. Our mail services are perfect for sending publications, personalized letters or for your next direct mail marketing campaign.

Direct Mail Advertising

At Bindery Overload, we make direct mail advertising easy and effective. We target your direct mail to very specific locations and demographics so you are reaching your target market. Do you want to send an advertisement to homes within a five kilometre radius of your business? No problem. Would you like to target a certain demographic such as age group or household income? We can do that too.

Domestic or International

Not only do we have the best rates for all mailing services needs in Canada, we also get very competitive rates for mail destined for the United States and other international destinations.

Folding, Collating, Labelling and Packaging

Specialized Folding · Our equipment makes every print project look sharp with crisp, straight folds, whether it's a map, brochure or flyer. Folding your direct mail advertising can save you money with Canada Post.

Automated and Hand Collating · Excellent for matching personalized mail to addressed envelopes.

Labelling and Packaging · A wide variety of options include address labelling for publications, poly bagging and much more.

Kit Assembly · Great for marketing – to give to media or as welcome packages for conferences and events. 

Mail Storage

We offer complimentary mail storage for all our clients. This allows our clients to print their materials in bulk to get the best printing pricing. Then once the printing is completed, they can stage their mail campaigns periodically and store the mail in our warehouse until its ready to send.

US and International Incentive Rates

International incentive rates allow you to send large volume mail to both the US and internationally at discounted rates. It’s the best way to send mass mail internationally.